Street Food (Lunch Stop) FAQs

The trend of businesses bringing food trucks to their employees/customers/residents continues to grow like wildfire, so don't miss the opportunity!  Here are some FAQs about bringing Grillin N Chillin to your next business or residential complex lunch stop…

Does it cost my company anything to bring Grillin to my site?
Normally, yes for private events and functions… However, for corporate or residential complex lunch stops, the expense would be a little of your time and marketing resources to get the word out to every potential food truck customer about our upcoming visit and secure us a great place to park (typically near the main entrance) where everyone will see us when they arrive.

Is Grillin fully licensed, insured, permitted, etc?
YES! (to all).  We carry full insurance (1M, 2M) on our vehicle & trailer and can provide a certificate of insurance for your company upon request. We are current with all permits, licenses, and inspections.

Do we need to provide any utilities for Grillin to operate?
No. Grillin is 100% self-contained and can operate for about 8 hours continuously. We use a very quiet generator to provide electricity and our own propane tanks for cooking. We are equipped with both fresh and gray water tanks. We have a fire department inspected and approved hood system with full fire suppression system.

Does Grillin have a menu we can share with our employees/customers/residents?
Yes, we will email you a menu for your marketing use. You may print and post it anywhere at your discretion and share with anyone who might be interested in our visit. Have an in-house newsletter or regular email blast?  Those are great places to promote our visit as well!

When should we tell everyone about Grillin's  arrival?
We recommend you inform them as soon as we confirm a date and time so they can put it on their calendars. Posting flyers around the property is encouraged. The most important part of the marketing is the “Day-Of” marketing. We’ve seen the best success with a simple yard sign or A-frame sign near the main entrance of the building with “Grillin N Chillin FOOD TRUCK HERE” and the service date and time. This sign should be out first thing on the morning of the visit (or even the day before).

Should we invite more trucks at the same time for variety?
A good rule of thumb is to have one truck for every 300 employees/customers/residents for a 90 minute event.  Not everyone will eat and if there are too many trucks, no one will do enough business to want to return.  Most trucks need to serve 50-100 meals during a 90 minute stop to make it worthwhile.

How often should we host food trucks stops?
This depends on the response from your employees/customers/residents.  Try once a month for a few months. If the response remains good, go to twice a month, then maybe weekly.

Can we hire Grillin for company-sponsored events?
Absolutely!  We would be happy to discuss any special appreciation days, social events, company picnics, or retirement/birthday/promotion parties where you would like to have outside catering done.  It's our specialty so please check out our Catering Pages.

How far in advance do we need to book Grillin?
The sooner the better. As soon as you have a set date on a special event, then contact us to check for availability. Certain dates and times can be in high demand and may be booked far in advance.

Why should we have food truck stops at our location?
The perks, services, incentives and amenities you provide your employees/customers/residents is what keeps them engaged and comfortable. Successfully providing services that are unique and valued helps keeps everyone happy, productive and content. A vibrant food truck program can be a contributing component to that success.

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